About Delhi Chapter ISAR

Delhi Chapter ISAR has been formed with approval from national body ISAR at Executive and General Body Meeting held on 25th Nov 2014 at ISARCON. It is a privilege and honour to be pioneers in flagging off the first state chapter of ISAR in Delhi- NCR. It is set up with an aim to assist the activities of the national body in promoting atherosclerosis research.

ISAR- Delhi chapter is devoted to promote dissemination of knowledge of various aspects of atherosclerosis and related fields in India. It will conduct annual meetings, symposia to promote awareness regarding current developments in the field.

It is a multi-disciplinary research society whose membership includes Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Cardiologists, Cardiovascular Scientists, Epidemiologists, Pharmacologist, Internists and others involved in basic sciences and clinical fields of atherosclerosis. Membership is open to all involved in basic and clinical research in atherosclerosis and related fields.